Black Tea To Go

With so many Americans now getting into tea drinking and enjoying the health benefits of different tea varieties, it's interesting to consider how tea drinking varies across the globe.

Black tea in particular has a widespread popularity these days, and has made its way into tea markets in many countries. This 'high octane' tea, made from the same traditional plant as white and green varieties, gets used in different ways that compliment its robust flavor.

In India and other Asian locales, black tea drinkers often mix it with a blend of milk and water. In the orient, the birthplace of black tea and other varieties, tea drinkers have a lot of experience in bringing out the particular flavors of black teas with simple ingredients and processes.

In the United Kingdom, where Irish, English, Scots and Welsh alike enjoy a good black tea, black tea tends to be mixed with something sweet: many tea drinkers in these countries like to add sugar, honey or another sweetener into the cup for a heavier tea.

The American audience has been warming to black tea both as a health drink and an enjoyable beverage. Iced in the summertime, drank hot with breakfast, or in a chai or other mix, black tea is now common across the country. Lots of Americans drink their tea comparatively unadorned with other ingredients, but big distributors are starting to change that pattern by offering complex specialty drinks in stores where on-the-go tea drinkers stop for a quick cup.

Getting Your Black Tea To Go

As less and less of us have the luxury of slowly brewing a cup of black tea at home, it's become more common to line up at a shop for a hot cup in the morning. As some tea drinkers are quick to point out, getting your tea in a shop is not unusual: oriental countries have their own tea salons where many tea drinkers get served. It might be unusual to market the way some shops do(some would say aggressively, and with a vast menu of drinks), but to many, it's the most efficient way to grab a cup of tea.

As an alternative, tea drinkers can also get their orders from independent shops, where more and more owners offer black tea options, realizing the potential of this caffeine-rich product. With its vast health benefits, black tea can be a great replacement for the morning cup of coffee, and for those who don't have time to make it at home, the options for black tea ordering are growing, so if you want that energy infusion, ask a shop near you about the possibilities for ordering your black tea to go.

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