Black Tea 101

At first glance, you might not think there's a huge difference between the kinds of teas you see on the market today. However, each type of tea has its own special qualities, and black tea commands its own following as a specific kind of drink that millions of tea drinkers select in numerous distinct flavors and varieties.

You don't have to be an expert to figure out how to enjoy black tea flavors or to identify its strengths: check out the pages at to find out more about the power of this tea type, and how it has been many things to many societies through the centuries, including medicine, money, and a 'diet pill'. Here you'll find more on the values that tea drinkers have associated with black tea through the centuries, and why they have valued this product so highly, even today, when lots of tea varieties compete in the global marketplace.

Black Tea Basics

Like white and green teas, black tea is also made from the same plant, Comellia Sinensis that generally comes from certain Chinese provinces. The difference with black tea is in the process of curing the leaves. This 'oxidation' process leaves the product darker and more potent; hence the name 'black tea' and the specific black tea flavors makers blend to produce popular teas.

As for the benefits of black tea, while it shares some properties with its white and green 'peers', black tea is known to be the highest in caffeine, which makes it a favorite for breakfasts everywhere and a renowned metabolism booster for dieters. Among the benefits of black tea are:

  • The Energy Boost - the high caffeine content is useful in many different situations
  • Heart Health - black tea drinking has been known to improve arterial health
  • Cancer Inhibitor - the antioxidants in black tea (and other similar tea varieties) protect the body from a range of ailments
  • Better bones and skin - other elements in black tea protect the skin and build stronger bones

Besides all of these, lots of tea drinkers all over the world appreciate another aspect of black tea: the flavors. The bold, robust tastes of regional black teas have intrigued the palates of tea drinkers from East Asia to the U.K. - and on to America, where black tea flavors now get a prominent billing in some counter drinks and health food stores across the nation.

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