Benefits of Black Tea

Many years before it ever made its way west to the New World, black tea had emerged as a commodity in regional trade markets. Many throughout the world drank black tea without documenting the specific properties of the drink. Now, researchers in the U.S. talk a lot about the health benefits of black tea and other popular tea types.

Since many teas including black and green teas all come from the same plant, they share some specific health benefits, although the methods of production give them slightly different qualities.

Health Benefits

Scientists have found that both black and green teas have 8-10 times the amount of antioxidants as most fruits and vegetables. Antioxidants are powerful health booster that fights free radicals in the body. Since dieters and nutritionists generally tout the wonders of the antioxidants in foods like carrots and blueberries, (and wines, where antioxidants from grapes are preserved), the health power of green and black tea varieties should be evident. Besides being rich in these health-promoting elements, black tea has other 'medicinal' or diet-related uses.

  • Cancer Inhibitor - Because of its antioxidants, the use of black tea and other tea varieties has been linked to a lower risk of certain cancers, including skin cancer, as well as a lesser risk of diabetes.
  • Healthy Heart - Another way the elements in all sorts of teas work for your body is in promoting good heart health. Similar studies show black and green teas as preventing some kinds of arterial damage.
  • Strong Bones - Research has shown that people who drink black tea on a regular basis have a greater bone density than those who do not. For this reason, one of the other benefits of black tea may be the offset of osteoporosis and relief from arthritis.
  • Caffeine - Because of the production of black tea, it is highest among all other tea types in caffeine levels. Caffeine stimulates brain function and infuses the body with energy. Metabolism is boosted and this helps dieters to lose weight.

Whether it's for help with a diet, alertness in the morning, or just for the flavors that black tea varieties provide, dietary experts agree that the health benefits of black tea are numerous. As tea drinking becomes a more common practice in America, many people are either making the switch from coffee to caffeine-rich black tea or picking up black tea.

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